The American Barber Association is the leading resource for the barber industry.   Every year thousands of barber, barbershops, students and other industry stakeholders use our services to better serve customers, take their careers to the next level or expand business opportunities.    


Barbers, barbershops, barber schools, suppliers and others join the American Barber Association to be part of one of the most exciting industries in America.   The barber industry touches every community in America, and just about every American.   Membership in the ABA gives professional barbers and elite barbershops a connection to the industry that they can't get anywhere else.  More importantly, membership give you a voice to address the issues we face in States and communities across America.   Become a member today! 


Professional barbers and Elite barbershops deserve recognition for your commitment to excellence and professionalism.  The ABA recognizes barbers and barbershops with our industry recognized certificates and awards.   Join the ABA and let your customers, co-workers, the community and the world know that you are a "cut above the rest!"    Become a member today! 


COVID-19 has changed the face of America and, especially, the face of barbering in America.   Barbers and barbershops must be extremely careful to ensure that all customers are provided safe and sanitary service.  The ABA BarberSAFE Certification is the industry recognized recognition for barbers and barbershops who are committed to providing safe and sanitary service.   BarberSAFE certification builds customer confidence and loyalty, and positions your business for growth.  Get BarberSAFE certified today! Become a member today! 


America's barber industry is part of a $30 billion dollar industry that makes a significant impact in every state and every community in the United States.   Our members - barbers, barbershops, suppliers, barber schools and others - join the ABA to be informed on rapid changes in technology, customer preferences, safety requirements and new regulations affecting the industry.  Stay informed, stay connected!  Become a member today!


The barber industry is a $30 billion opportunity that is projected to be a $50 billion industry in 10 years.   The opportunity for barbers, barbershops, suppliers, barber schools, investors, business services and others is enormous.     The ABA is the leading source of business assistance for entrepreneurs and barbershops in the United States.  ABA members have access to a broad range of business development consultants, financing entities, marketing consultants and other business development resources.   Become a member today! 


The American Barber Association is a leading resource for students and Barber Apprentices in America.  Students join the ABA to be connected to the industry, gain professional recognition and get support for their to become professional barbers.  Students are eligible to receive the Barber Apprentice Certification, which is an industry recognized designation that for students of barbering.   The certification is not a license but it shows that you are working towards your license.   Become a Barber Apprentice member today! 


Never has there been a better time to part of the barber industry in America!   Opportunities are everywhere, customers are growing in their appreciation of the services that barbers provide and laws and regulations are changing to better support small businesses and entrepreneurs from coast to coast.   Truth is, the barber industry is a family of people dedicated to providing service to millions of Americans every day.   When we speak as one industry we not only positively impact our industry but also our communities.   Join the family! Become a member today! 

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